We do provide a limited number of term donations to help various organizations with fund raising.   Once we review the applicants and determine where help is needed the most, we will provide a certificate that will cover the full tuition for a one-week term and can be applied to the tuition for a two-week or a four-week term.   

The following criteria applies to the use of the certificate by the winner:

  1. The family must be new to the Kanakuk experience
  2. Can't be currently enrolled
  3. Certificate is good only for the year specified on the certificate
  4. Not all terms are eligible for enrollment with the certificate so the holder must contact kimie@kanakuk.com prior to enrolling
  5. The certificate can't be used at K-Kauai Family Kamp or any KampOut enrollment.  It is good for the over-night Kamps only.

Please e-mail all information regarding your fund raiser event to kimie@kanakuk.com between September 15 and September 30 of each year.